Pregnancy Starter Kit

$ 524.90

Why is tracking metabolism during pregnancy so important?

* It prevents excessive weight gain during pregnancy, which is critical in protecting the health of both mother and child
* It reduces the baby's risk of excessive in-utero growth, which could complicate the delivery
* It ensures the recovery of pre-pregnancy weight, after the delivery

The Breezing Pregnancy Kit makes weekly metabolism tracking a snap. Designed to cover the 40 weeks of gestation, the kit comes with 40 sensors (good for 40 measurements) and a USB drive containing specific guidance. We strongly recommend expecting mothers to share their measurements with their OB/GYN.



  • One Breezing Tracker
  • 40 sensor cartridges
  • 1 mouthpieces
  • 1 nose clips
  • 10 alcohol swabs
  • 1 t-joint connector with mouthpiece


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